Apacer Commando 16GB KIT (4x4GB) DDR4 2800MHz Memory


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Product Overview:
Apacer Commando DDR4 Series Overclocking Memory Module is adopted the newly designed weapon-styled assault rifle heat spreader and tailored for the latest Intel® X99 chipset and Haswell-E processor. The whole series of products supports the latest Intel XMP 2.0 standards and features outstanding tactical characteristics of high frequency, low voltage and low latency.

• DDR4 2800Mhz
• Timing 16-16-16-36
• Cas Latency 16
• Voltage 1.2V

Armory design
COMMANDO DDR4 gaming and overclocking memory module with weapon-styled design brings a real body blow to your opponents.

High stability & compatibility
Supporting XMP 2.0 and Intel® 100 & 200 series plarforms, COMMANDO will make every intensive gaming moment fluid and sharp.

Superior performance
Featuring outstanding frequency up to 3466MHz with low consumption at only 1.35V ensures gamers staying one step ahead of the rivals.

Powerful weapon : a must-have for all types of gamers
Inspired by assault rifle, the heat spreader design features a distinctive tactical rail which comes with effective heat dissipation. With COMMANDO DDR4 at your disposal, you will enjoy the exciting game play.

Description: Apacer Commando 16GB KIT (4x4GB) DDR4 2800MHz Memory
Frequency/Capacity/Voltage/Cas Latency: 3000MHz/8GB、16GB、32GB、64GB/1.35V/16-18-18-38、16-16-16-36
Memory Architecture: x8 FBGA DRAM chip
Intel XMP 2.0: Yes
PIN: 288-pin
Certificate: RoHS, CE, FCC, RCM, VCCI, JEDEC
Package: Dual Channel Package, Quad Channel Package


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